MOONLIGHT-ARRIVAL - BinzHotel Landhaus Waechter


Own arrival from after 20 o’clock

  • Registration is possible until 5 pm on the day of arrival.
  • Full online check-in required.
  • Valid own credit card is to be carried.
  • Copie of Passport is to send to the BinzHotel
  • Includes 2 vouchers for 24h LobbyBar.
  • Additional fee: 19,00 €

I hereby book / confirm, in addition to my existing booking in BinzHotel Landhaus, the MOONLIGHT-ARRIVAL for 19,00 €. I grant the approval of the immediate charge of my credit card for the already booked hotel services + TOURIST-CARD-FEE + moonlight arrival fee.

Please now make the online check-in, so that your moonlight arrival can be completely processed.

–> Please Click here 

The transmission of the registration data is absolutely necessary for the moonlight journey.